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2019 Battle on the Hardwood

June 1st and 2nd
Shakopee High School
(games are on Saturday & Sunday only)


June 14-16
Bloomington Jefferson and
Kennedy High Schools

2019 North Tartan Meltdown

July 21-23


AAU National Champions

11th Grade National AAU Division 1 Champion... Midwest Elite 17U EYBL

11th Grade National AAU Division 2 Champion... So-Minn Fury 2019

11th Grade National AAU Division 3 Champion... Full Package 16U Black


10th Grade National AAU Division 1 Champion... All Iowa Attack 10th Nike

10th Grade National AAU Division 2 Champion... SD North Stars 10th


9th Grade National AAU Division 1 Champion... North Tartan 9th Sinn

9th Grade National AAU Division 2 Champion... So-Minn Fury 2021


Meltdown 8th Champion... North Tartan 8th Contreras

Meltdown 8th/7th Champion... Minnesota Fury 2023 Blue

Meltdown 7th Champion... ND Storm

Photo and News Gallery

    Arike Ogunbowale - National Champion

    Megan Walstad - MISS MN Basketball 2018

    Megan was named Miss MN Basketball 2018.  Also congrats to Maesyn Thiesen and Sam Haiby for being nominees as well.  A North Tartan player has now won this award 6 of the past 8 years!

    37 State Championships this Decade...and counting...

    They say tradition never graduates and North Tartan hasn't stopped dominating MN State AAU Championships since 2010, winning 4 more State Championships in 2018.  Since 2010, North Tartan has won 37 State Championships. 37!!   Which team did you play on?

    2018...  Nike 11th (Coury), Nike 10th (Starks), 8th (Contreras), 5th (Monahan)

    2017...    Nike 11th (Coury), Nike 10th (Guebert), 9th (Starks)

    2016...    Nike 11th (Coury), Nike 10th (Stueber), 8th (Starks), 6th West (Contreras)

    2015...    9th (Hedstrom), 7th (Starks), 6th (Coley), 5th (Scalia)

    2014...     Nike (Dietel), 13U (Hedstrom), 11U (Starks), 10U (Coley)

    2013...     Nike (Coury), 15U (Herbie), 13U (Kuppe), 12U (Thiesen), 10U (Starks)

    2012...     Nike (Coury), 14U (Herbie), 12U (Kuppe), 11West (Thiesen)

    2011...     Nike (Coury), 14U (Alexander), 13U (Kuppe), 11U (Kuppe), 10West (Thiesen)

    2010...     Nike (Coury), 15U (Hedstrom), 13U (Alexander), 12U (Kuppe)

    Congrats to our NT Commits!!!

    National Signing Day!

    • Congrats Emma Grothaus!! Lehigh University 2018 Commit
    • Congrats Sydney Stapleton!! South Dakota State University 2018 Commit
    • Congrats Kayla Mershon!! University of Nebraska 2018 Commit
    • Congrats Megan Walker!! Lehigh University 2018 Commit
    • Congrats Angie Hammond!! Siena College 2018 Commit
    • Congrats Klaire Kirsch!! University of Nebraska at Kearney 2018 Commit
    • Congrats Sam Haiby!! University of Nebraska 2018 Commit
    • Congrats Carmen Backes!! University of Wisconsin 2018 Commit
    • Congrats Maesyn Thiesen!! University of Minnesota Duluth 2018 Commit
    • Congrats Theresa Mbanefo!! Cornell University 2018 Commit
    • Congrats Marie Olson!! SMU 2018 Commit
    • Congrats Megan Walstad!! University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Commit
    • Congrats Autumn Mlinar!! Wayne State University Commit
    • Congrats Annika Hoff!! Cornell University 2018 Commit
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    North Tartan News


    North Tartan in Europe 2016 - Press Play

    North Tartan currently has 38 alumnae playing Division 1 Basketball across the country this year.  #Proven

    Click to Get Your 2018 AAU Card

    North Tartan Club Code

    Use Code Y3B4AX when registering as an Athlete or Coach!

    North Tartan 2018

    North Tartan is an Invite-Only club.  We do not have try-outs.  If you feel your daughter is an elite player, please click on Contacts above and send us an email.  We look forward to another outstanding year in 2018 at North Tartan, one of only 32 Nike programs in the country.

    North Tartan - Minnesota Gophers - Connecticut Sun (NT's 7th WNBA Player)

    January 1, 2017, Rachel Banham's famous #1 Jersey was retired as her banner was unveiled and hung forever in Williams Arena.  Congratulations Rachel!

    Who has worn the coveted jersey in the #NTfamily?

    North Tartan has always enjoyed watching highly skilled athletes continue their careers into college and beyond!

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    North Tartan Girls Basketball Booster Club, Inc. was established in 1971 as a local girls basketball program.  The mission of North Tartan has evolved as a club that provides fundamental skill development, instruction, and teaching the elements of the game of basketball to young student-athletes in our community who have a desire to compete at a high level of AAU basketball competition, and in turn become better basketball players.



    North Tartan is currently one of only 32 grassroots Nike Clubs in the Nation!  North Tartan has had over 2,325 players come through its program, and over 363 athletes have received college scholarships.