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North Tartan August Workouts

Dates and times for our August workouts at Minnetonka High School... August 13, 20, and 27.

* 4th - 7th grade 3:00-5:00pm        * 8th-11th 5:00-7:00pm

Cost is $20 per workout.

We use our August workouts to evaluate kids for next season and to offer a workout before kids head into their winter seasons. Feel free to attend as many as you like.  For more information, contact Gerard Coury, 651-303-5262 or email at

33 State Championships this Decade...and counting...

They say tradition never graduates and North Tartan hasn't stopped dominating MN State AAU Championships since 2010, winning 3 more State Championships in 2017.  Since 2010, North Tartan has won 33 State Championships. 33!!   Which team did you play on?

2017...    Nike 11th (Coury), Nike 10th (Guebert), 9th (Starks)

2016...    Nike 11th (Coury), Nike 10th (Stueber), 8th (Starks), 6th West (Contreras)

2015...    9th (Hedstrom), 7th (Starks), 6th (Coley), 5th (Scalia)

2014...     Nike (Dietel), 13U (Hedstrom), 11U (Starks), 10U (Coley)

2013...     Nike (Coury), 15U (Herbie), 13U (Kuppe), 12U (Thiesen), 10U (Starks)

2012...     Nike (Coury), 14U (Herbie), 12U (Kuppe), 11West (Thiesen)

2011...     Nike (Coury), 14U (Alexander), 13U (Kuppe), 11U (Kuppe), 10West (Thiesen)

2010...     Nike (Coury), 15U (Hedstrom), 13U (Alexander), 12U (Kuppe)



Meltdown Tournament Schedule

192 AAU Teams

250+ College Coaches

3 Days, 3 Locations

#1 Consistent and As Advertised, Competitive Event!!

Thank You ALL for making the North Tartan Meltdown and AAU Super Showcase event Great!  Looking forward to 2018!

Battle on the Hardwood 2017

June 3-4, 2017

Co-Hosted by Crossfire and North Tartan

Battle on the Hardwood 2017 CHAMPIONS

Gophers: Metro Stars 11th Wiese

Badgers: MN Rise 10th

Spartans: NT 9th West

Hawkeyes: Kingdom Hoops 8th Elite

Illini: NT 7th West

Wolverines: Metro Stars 7th Crutch

Buckeyes: NT 6th West

Wildcats: NT 5th West

Summer Jam 2017

Summer Jam Final Results Click Here

Thank you to the 255 teams that attended Summer Jam 2017!  We continue to grow this great event because of you!!

Also, huge shout out and thank you to the National Media that flew in and provided great coverage of our event.  We look forward to seeing you each year!

Summer Jam 2017 Champions

Summer Jam Winners

Lake Minnetonka - North Tartan 11th EYBL

Lake Nokomis - MN Suns Rachael Long

Lake of the Woods - North Iowa Fire HS

Leech Lake - Fairfax Stars 15U Nike

White Bear Lake - NT 9th Grade

Lake Calhoun - Western Iowa Express U16

Red Lake - NT 9th West

Mille Lacs Lake - Lady Getshook-Black

Lake Harriet - All Iowa Attack 8th NIKE Red

Pelican Lake - Storm

Gull Lake - MN Rise Purple 8

Birch Lake - NT 7th West

Lake Washington - MW Force Select 13U-Hacker

Twin Lakes - Let It Rain - Anthony

Lake Itasca - Wisconsin City 7th

Ten Mile Lake - Tayler Hill Elite 10U

Two Inlets Lake - NT 4th Grade

Photo and News Gallery

    North Tartan News


    North Tartan in Europe 2016 - Press Play

    Click to Get Your 2017 AAU Card

    Congrats to our 2017 Class

    North Tartan Nike EYBL and Nike Elite teams earned 20 scholarships!!

    ** 15 Division 1's **

    ** 4 Division 2's **

    ** 1 NAIA **

    North Tartan - Minnesota Gophers - Connecticut Sun (NT's 7th WNBA Player)

    January 1, 2017, Rachel Banham's famous #1 Jersey was retired as her banner was unveiled and hung forever in Williams Arena.  Congratulations Rachel!

    Who has worn the coveted jersey in the #NTfamily?

    North Tartan has always enjoyed watching highly skilled athletes continue their careers into college and beyond!

    North Tartan 2017

    North Tartan is an Invite-Only club.  We do not have try-outs.  If you feel your daughter is an elite player, please click on Contacts above and send us an email.  We look forward to another spectacular year in 2017 at North Tartan, one of only 32 Nike programs in the country.

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    North Tartan Girls Basketball Booster Club, Inc. was established in 1971 as a local girls basketball program.  The mission of North Tartan has evolved as a club that provides fundamental skill development, instruction, and teaching the elements of the game of basketball to young student-athletes in our community who have a desire to compete at a high level of AAU basketball competition, and in turn become better basketball players.



    North Tartan is currently one of only 32 grassroots Nike Clubs in the Nation!  North Tartan has had over 2,325 players come through its program, and over 363 athletes have received college scholarships.

    Regional Skills Check Out... NCAA Approval Pending Fall Event


    Regional Skills Check Out 

    hosted by North Tartan

    NCAA Athlete Requirements

    Link to the new BBCS for athletes to register: Link to the ECAG user manual so athletes have access to guidelines, legislation and step by steps on how to use the new BBCS:

    College Coaches Registration Link

    Division 1...  $250 for whole staff

    Division 2... $125 for whole staff

    Division 3/ NAIA / JUCO... $75 for whole staff

    Check Back Here for College Coach Registration Link Soon



    Sunday, September 24

    NCAA Approval Pending

    Time: TBD

    Location: Chaska High School

    Cost: $99 per player

    Check Back Here for Athlete Registration Link Soon